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Olga Fleming
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  • Oruga Investment / Oruga Group
    Olga established Oruga Group in 2009 with a vision to offer real estate investment advisory services. As the company expanded, she leveraged her expertise in public-private partnerships (PPP), negotiation skills, and foreign direct investment (FDI) to provide extensive legal support to international businesses and startups.
  • Angel Investment & Advisory
    Olga has been actively involved in various startups, contributing significantly to their success. Her expertise lies in advising startups on building ecosystems, managing pilot projects with governments and government entities, facilitating negotiation processes, overseeing business development, and optimizing corporate structuring.
  • World Sustainable Development Fund
    The World Sustainable Development Fund is dedicated to fostering global sustainability by strategically supporting initiatives that address environmental conservation, social equity, and economic development. Our focus areas include sustainable development projects, educational programs, and collaborative partnerships.
  • FDI & PPP Strategist
    Closely working with private investors, family offices, institutional investors and governments as independent advisor to develop prioritised sectors of economy, attract investment and to execute projects.
Companies founded and
co-founded by Olga Fleming
Olga is a seasoned cross-border expert in deal structuring, financing and preserving private wealth. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, her passion of investing in startups as well as PPP & FDI strategies, resulted with her being featured by multiple well-known publications in several countries.


Business Law & Negotiations
Deal negotiations, closing, structuring is a long legal advisory on the proposed agreements by the parties.

PPP & FDI Strategist
Facilitating Public Private Partnerships and Foreign Direct Investment as well as cross-border deal structuring within Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Wealth & Deal Structuring
Wealth structuring for HNWI, asset acquisition as well as fundraising, negotiation and deal closing with a focus on financial and legal sides.

Startup Funding & Mentoring
Dealing with startups and investors around the globe and structuring companies to get higher valuation, as attracting investors in emerging business.

Olga has extensive knowledge about various investment opportunities, starting from the traditional investments to the creative ones, including investing in auction slots and post-bankruptcy equity.

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Vladimir Cuturilo
General Manager
Olga is a great European lawyer with extensive knowledge on real estate and legal knowledge, it was a pleasure to work with her, and it will be my pleasure to cooperate in the future.

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